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School Board Approves Annual Audit Report
Thursday, November 20, 2014
The Muleshoe Independent School District’s board of trustees approved its annual audit report for FY 2013-14 during Monday’s regular board meeting.

During the report presentation by Randall Field, PC, of Muleshoe, it was noted that the district once again received an unmodified “clean” audit in which there were no areas of noncompliance or material weakness in the school district’s internal controls.

“We do not study your internal controls,” Field explained to the school board members, “ but we review them.”

This year’s report, which covers the school district’s finances during the period ending June 30, 2014, lists the district’s total revenues at $16,704,514, and its expenses at $16,393,284.

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Expect Extra Wardens Patrolling During Deer Season
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens will be dedicating extra patrol hours and manpower to the nine-day mule deer season which occurs in certain counties, including Bailey County, Nov. 22-30.

According to Game Warden Aaron Sims, there has been what appears to be “a marked increase in illegal hunting activity” in Bailey and surrounding counties because of a vacancy in the game warden duty station covering the area.

Sims and Game Warden TJ Tweedle of Hereford have been assigned to cover the area until another warden is transferred in to cover the area, but with the needed patrol down because the wardens have their primary county assignments, the number of game violations in Bailey, Cochran and Lamb Counties have been increasing.

“We have heard from local landowners that activity has increased, and we have been relying heavily on local area landowners, farmers, ranchers, and good sportsmen to report violations,” Sims said.

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No Sales Tax Increase In Sight For Muleshoe
Thursday, November 20, 2014
In spite of last months 7.2 percent increase in the amount of the sales tax allocations received from the Texas State Comptroller’s office, the City of Muleshoe continues in a fall behind in the amount of sales tax revenue it receives.

During the last five months, Muleshoe has seen an average 1.6 percent decrease in the percentage of sales tax it receives.

In comparison, area neighbor Olton has experienced an average monthly increase of 27.71 percent and a total during the same period of 138.55 percent.

Of the last five months, including November, Olton’s percentage of increase has topped the area communities monitored by the Muleshoe Journal every month except for July, while Muleshoe has consistently remained slightly under the middle of the pack.

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